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  • By Registration of transaction of immovable property will become permanent public record. This is a notice to the general public. Those getting transfer of property should verify whether such property has been previously encumbered.
  • According to Transfer of Property Act right, title or interest can be acquired only if the deed is registered.

If a deed of transfer, which is compulsorily registrable, is not registered it will not be admissible in evidence.

Any person, above 18 years of age and not a party to the document may sign as witness.

  • There are two kinds of Power of Attorney. (a) General Power of Attorney (GPA) (b) Special Power of Attorney (SPA)
  • General Power of Attorney is executed by a person in favour of another to act on behalf of him generally. It may include management of property, Court matter/litigations, sale of mortgage of property or any other act.
  • Special Power of Attorney is executed to do a particular act. Power of Attorney holder is answerable to the principal and liable to give accounts to him.
  • Encumbrance Certificate is a record showing registered transactions pertaining to a property. If mortgage, sale or any other deeds in respect of a property are registered, encumbrance certificate is issued Form No.15.
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